Travel & Holiday Plans: COVID-19

You many be aware that notification and updates on the coronavirus COVID-19 are changing rapidly.

The updates we are receiving from airlines, tour companies and the like, as well as My Travel Group which we are a part of being an independent travel agent under helloword is daily, if not hourly.

This circumstance to which sudden change to travel arrangements and the pace at which to travel and tourism industry has to navigate it is new and is being dictated by countries and the spread of COVID-19.  The rate to which the airlines, cruise, travel and holiday suppliers can currently respond is limited due to the rapid change of notice from the affected countries and WHO (World Health Organisation) and the number of reservations that require amending.

Currently, departures before end of March, some to the end of April are being amended.  But changes are based on soonest travel dates. At present, we have no capacity to get a reply for travel into or beyond May and then each airline and travel/holiday suppliers has their own policies. Hence, the delay updates are being reviewed. Beyond this regular cancellation and change fees set out by the airline, cruise, supplier or travel company apply, until we are advised or instructed otherwise.

Here are a few links you can view for relevant information from Health and Country authorities:

Smartraveller – DFAT

Updates on the Australian governments advise on travelling to overseas countries.

Isolation Guidance

If you have returned to Australia from overseas or been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus, special restrictions apply. This information sheet should be read in conjunction with the ‘What you need to know’ and ‘Isolation guidance’ information sheets at www.health.gov.au/covid19-resources 

Information for International Travellers

When you travel internationally, biosecurity measures at the airport and in-flight will apply to you.  Travel restrictions and other arrangements also apply to people travelling overseas, returning to or visiting Australia.

DFAT – Restrictions to enter Australia

Travellers returning to Australia

Department of Health – Australia

What you need to know about covid-19


World Health Organisation – (WHO)


Australian Interstate Quarantine 

Some states and territories in Australia have closed their borders to non-essential travel due to COVID-19. Here’s what you need to know.