How Do Couples Get A Perfect Holiday…

Have you felt the strains of living life a little out of the ordinary of late?  Well, it can be said that “covid-19 has had an effect on all of us”.  But now after each state and territory in Australia has experienced closures and you, isolation. Life is still not as we know it and it wont be for awhile, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel…time for a holiday.  A desired perfect holiday!

If you have been pondering where you and your loved one would escape to, to feel the joy of freedom, relaxation, fun and whatever you desire, remember to consider these three tips:

Get organised.

Ask family or friends if they can look after your children, pets, plants or house for a few days.  If need be look at services where you can get a live in nanny or where your pet can be comfortably lodged in a boarding kennel environment.  Also, do not be hesitate to touch base with a friendly neighbour who may be able to water your plants and keep an eye on your house or there may be a local kid who would love some pocket money.  Simply ask them and then you are another step closer to your perfect holiday.

Couples you want that perfect holiday?

So, holiday where there are no children unless you truly do not care.  Options for a perfect holiday would be to stay at a resort that has adult only facilities, such as a pool area or more oooohlalala, stay at an adult only resort. Yes, they do exist.  Be it a private villa, a luxury resort, remote outback camp or an adventure such as heli-touring, fishing, self-driving or an exploration cruise to experience different cultures and unique scenery.  You can experience a perfect holiday.

Because this is all about you and your loved one.

Discuss what you both mutually want to do or get out of your holiday.  There is no use, hanging out remotely in a luxe tent at a beach destination if your loved one despises being away from concrete buildings.  Will it be an action packed holiday or leisurely lazing by a pool and wine sipping at a fancy restaurant.

Here are some suggestions to stimulate discussions to what you may desire on your holiday:

  • Gourmet cuisine or fresh local produce
  • Wine your drink and you would love to taste and experience more from a region
  • You both love the ocean, so you will not go inland
  • You love the ocean, but it is nice to broaden your life experiences, so why not head inland

Remember, this is about you two getting away together.  Take a relaxed pace and appreciate what we do have on our doorstep here in Australia, all within a few hours drive or flight.

When border restrictions are eased, travel and holidays are going be different.  Social distancing, washing of hands, sanitising and less contact of communally touched items will be in place.

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